Projects undertaken (For the last 10 years, some of the major projects we have undertaken in Kenya and beyond;

  1. AL Asab Farms, Jijiga, Ethiopia – Developed Business Plan Proposal for 3,000 Dairy herd project, designed modern cow barn units (3,000 cows), Fodder Establishment.
  2. Kule Farm, Kajiado owned by Kajiado Governor, H.E. Ole Lenku – Prepared Business Plan Proposal, designed 1,000 cows Cow Barn units. (Work in progress).
  3. Kikiike Farm, Fort Portal, Uganda – Complete Farm Audit, Design of a modern Cow Barn, Fodder Establishment (work in progress)
  4. DIS Farm, Rwanda – Complete Farm Audit, developed sustainable and viable Business Models (work in progress)
  5. L & Z Farm, Kano, Nigeria, owned by Nigerian Tycoon Alh. Abubakar – Established Yoghurt-making line, offered technical support in milk production.
  6. Aweil Farm, South Sudan, owned by Gen. Paul Malong – conducted a complete farm audit, offered technical support and supply of milking machine.
  7. Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Department, Tanzania – provided consultancy services and technical support in search of quality dairy herd breeds (cow sourcing) from Kenya.
  8. Chego Farm, Ainabkhoi, Uasin GIchu owned by Business Magnate Kiprop Buzeki– conducted complete farm audit, developing dairy herd feeding regime, providing technical support and Business Advisory Services, training and skills transfer to the management and workers
  9. Losian Farm, Kajiado – Conducted complete farm audit, Fodder establishment, developing feeding regime for the dairy herd, establishing a mini-dairy and a feed processing plant
  10. Cossy Farm, Machakos – Construction of a Cow Barn, 70 cows capacity, developing feeding regime, established a milk cooling plant, providing technical support and business mentorship.
  11. Cool Blue Farm, Nyandarua – Conducted a Comprehensive Dairy Farm Audit, Construction of a modern Silage Bunker, Fodder Establishment, Training and Skills transfer
  12. Chakeri Farm, Kajiado – Developed Business Plan proposal, designed and constructed a modern 70-cows Cow Barn unit, providing technical and business advisory services to the farm.
  1. TechnoServe – Kenya; Lead Consultant in development of Kenya’s Dairy GMP Manual, in partnership with KEBS, KDB, Dairy Processors and Ecolab
  2. ASDSP Project – Kajiado County Beef Value-chain Analysis, as Lead Consultant in partnership with Kenya Livestock Marketing Council.
  3. Global Communities funded by USDA (United States Development Agency) – AIMS (USD 20million project), Business Advisory Services Provider for Agribusiness SMEs in Dairy, Cereals and Horticulture value chains within Machakos, Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Kiambu and Nairobi.
  4. Business Advocacy Fund, BAF – Business Mentor to 10 Agribusiness BMOs in Kenya for 2 years. Trained BMOs on presentation of Policy Position Papers, PPPs and Policy Advocacy Strategies.
  5. USAID, Kenya Investment Mechanism Project – BAS Service Provider in training and skills transfer to senior County Government Officials from Western Region of Kenya.
  6. USAID, Africa-Lead Champions of Change Program – providing technical support to Agribusiness SMEs and BMOs (Business Member Organizations)
  7. Wakulima Dairy, Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri – BAS Service Provider; Developed Business Plan proposal, organized Study tour to Israel, provided technical support in identification and construction of a complete new milk processing plant with a processing capacity of 5000lts per hour.
  8. Inuka Africa and Smatcow App – Smartcow App Brand endorsement, developed and implemented marketing strategy proposal for Smartcow App; Massive downloads, providing technical support to Smatcow App users
  9. KEL Chemicals, Thika, Kiambu – Developed and Implemented Kelphos Fertiliser Marketing Strategy proposal; increased sales and enhanced brand visibility
  10. Have been deeply involved in Agricultural Policy formulation and policy review process in Kenya; Agricultural Policy, Veterinary Policy, Livestock Feedstuff Policy among others.
  11. Taking lead in Cash-Cow Project – for the first time in Kenya, fodder producers will have Fodder Auctions, replica to Tea or Coffee Auctions.
  12. In collaboration with Kenya Dairy Board, organized Farmers Training Expos, Field days and workshops in several Counties in Kenya; Nyeri, Kirinyaga, Uasin Gichu, Nakuru, Kajiado, Kiambu.